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Bailbooks.Com is a complete office management system for bails office in USA. The application is developed in Microsoft Technologies (ASP.NET) and provides bundles of features to its end users. Application deals each separate office as independent instance and supports not only domain specific functions but also facilitate by providing bunch of features to support routine daily office tasks e.g. Time Clock, User/Staff Management, News Section, Reporting and messaging services.

Soccer-Code is a web based solution designed and developed on RubyOnRails platform; provides an easy way to connect people associated with German football clubs. Currently this application is used for managing German football club teams and also facilitates team coaches to keep track of their player's performance.

Payment Portal

Payment Portal is a web based online invoicing & payment system. The system allows clients to pay their invoices online using Paypal, since paypal support multiple payment methods including Credit Card processing which gives your clients an option to pay their invoices using most suitable payment method. System is fully integrated with Paypal API's by this means invoices are updated automatically on local site. Payment Portal also supports partial invoice payments or installments of invoices for customer ease.

Bailbooks Defendant App

Android Mobile App

Bailbooks Defendant app is an android based mobile application which allows users to check-In their current location using their smart phones. To make process fool proof, application requires user to send current image along with their signature. Application also performs face detection algorithm on images to filter out faulty images. On server side application not only stores the person's checkIn detail but also allows viewing history of user locations on google map.

Bailbooks Agent App

Iphone Mobile App

Bailbooks Agent app allows bailbooks agents to use specific functionalities of on the go. Application supports mainly those features which are required by the agents during field work. Information between Agent App and bailbooks website is fully synchronized which facilitate agents not only in add new information via application but also view those entries which are entered by someone else.


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Gary Casso


Hogir Habasch